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Thank you for visiting The Laserhut. We have tried to make buying a Lipo Laser easy and painless process for you. Our team of experts have done the heavy lifting for you. We are continuously researching and evaluating the Lipo Laser market, to find the highest quality and most affordable Lipo Lasers. As a result, we have developed relationships with these top manufacturers to offer you FACTORY DIRECT pricing.

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$ /i-Lipo

  • Manufactured in USA
  • 144 diodes, 4 pads, extensive coverage
  • Wavelength 650nm to 660 nm
  • 38-40 milliwatts per diode

Lipo Light Pro

$ /Lipo Light Pro

  • Manufactured in UK
  • 480 diodes, 16 pads
  • Wavelength 635nm Third Generation
  • 50 milliwatts per diode

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