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Questionnaire to identify the lipo laser machines that will meet your needs and ones that will not.

The following questionnaire helps identify the lipo laser machines that will be suitable for you, and the ones that you ought to avoid, given your health conditions and exercise needs.

 Patient Health professional

 First generation (665-670 nm) Second generation (645-660 nm) Third generation (635-640 nm) Not sure

 I want a Laser I want a LED Not sure

 6-10 mins 15-20 mins 20-30 mins 30-45 mins 45+ mins

 Lower-priced laser machines with some downtime is fine Cannot afford any: I need to treat patients back-to-back Some downtime is okay but not long ones

 None, if I get an inexpensive machine 1-year manufacturer warranty 1-year importer warranty though the manufacturer warranty maybe 3-6 months 3-year manufacturer warranty

 Yes (this is often a costlier option) I don't care

 About 6-8 sessions About 9-11 sessions 12 or more sessions I don't care

 Less than $15,000 (often higher downtime) $15,000-$30,000 (entry level, need longer sessions) $30,000-$50,000 (average to higher-than-average session length) $50,000 - $70,000 (high end, fast with low downtime) $70,000+ (highest end, superfast with low downtime)

 Right now, I need it urgently Right now, if I find a great deal Once I get approved for financing Need to talk to you once and ask questions before buying I want to be a distributor, so need to find a good manufacturer

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